Garage Door Installation

ABC Overhead Doors, Inc. has extensive experience installing all makes and models of garage doors including steel insulated, non-insulated, and wooden overhead doors.

We sell only high-quality replacement parts and the best garage doors and openers available from the leading manufacturers. We can walk you through each garage door type and discuss the advantages.

ABC Garage Doors has serviced our complex since 2009. Everyone has been very pleased with the commitment, mannerisms, professionalism, & quality of their work. They are always on time & there when you call. Their knowledge & pleasant attitude is always a welcome sight.

Ted & Gerri Lloyd

The Terrace

Residential Installations

Count on ABC Overhead Doors for fast and professional installation of automatic garage doors and garage door systems from the leading manufacturers. We’ll help you select the right garage door to match your home’s decor and appearance. We’ll discuss the differences and advantages of each garage door type so you will be fully informed to make the right decision.

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Residential Repairs

Broken springs, faulty openers, jammed rollers and tracks, frayed cables, we repair them all! Regular usage can cause worn parts that will eventually break, leaving you with a non-functioning garage door. We have a full inventory of parts to quickly repair any garage door problems. CALL US TODAY: 250-878-2911

Residential Service

We specialize in fast and professional maintenance and service for all automatic garage doors and garage door systems. Our garage door maintenance programs are available for the residential homeowner, Strata Management companies and insurance claims. We are committed to excellent customer service you can rely on. CALL US TODAY: 250-878-2911

Broken Springs

Your door will not lift without properly functioning springs. Overtime springs break or become worn due to regular usage and from being under stress. With broken spring(s), this can lead to damage of your opener and other parts of your door, causing more expense. We can rectify this by adjusting the tension of your springs or by replacing your broken ones.

Faulty Opener

When you have a problem with your opener, it could have multiple issues such as worn parts or it could be the age of the unit. It could be an electrical problem, such as logic board, RPM sensors, photo eyes etc. It even could be as simple as a chain being loose or a belt on your drive, causing problems. Our full line of automatic openers features a variety of power levels and specifications to handle different garage door weights and sizes.

Rollers & Tracks

Garage doors may become jammed by foreign objects or derail for other reasons. Garage doors coming out of their tracks may also be caused by normal wear and tear on the doors hardware. Which means you may need to replace the hardware; such as rollers, hinges, tracks, etc. or just a quick service call to re-align door. Hardware and moving parts should have regular lubrication and maintenance.

Broken/Fraying Cables

Because they are constantly in motion, cables are susceptible to fraying, becoming loose or even breaking. Often, the problem can be solved by modifying or re-aligning the cables. We fix garage door cables by diagnosing whether we need to re-align, adjust the drums or reposition the cables back onto drums. Often the cables need to be replaced in these situations. For this, we have a full inventory of parts to quickly resolve the problem.

Weather Sealing

Garage door seals provide a barrier to dirt, water and unwanted pests. The bottom seal, threshold seal, weather stripping on the sides, and top provide a proper seal to help with cold and heat loss. Each application of weather-stripping is different and at ABC Overhead Doors we can provide the right seal for each job.

Bowing or Buckling Doors

Wood doors that have sections bowing or buckling are mostly due to moisture or condensation. This gives the door a “bow” or “smile” so no longer does the door seal at both corners on the bottom ends. In addition, this can lead to the section railings to come apart. Also, the panels in the sections on some doors can become loose or cracked.